Poser File Installation FUQ
How do I use all these free downloads I've collected?

Most all of the downloads you'll find are zipped up (filename.zip) and generally for PC. Those occasions you find something for Mac's as well the files will be in .sit format (filename.sit). Zip files can be extracted with WinZip, the sit's with StuffIt. When you preview the file in your extraction program, if whomever packaged it did the job correctly, you will see the file structure begins with "Runtime". This is the subdirectory the files belong in under your Poser directory. All downloads from the RaunchyMinds "Goodies" sections will be in this correct format for a no-hassle installation. Make a note of the files and their folder structure before you unzip, this way you'll know where to look for them when you open Poser. If there's an included readme.txt file - read it (just double-click it, it should unarchive and pop up in your preferred text program). It could save you some time and hassle. After reading a text file that's usually the only file selected (which would make unzipping the files a long process) so be sure to select all the files again before uncompressing them.

Navigate to your Poser directory in your extraction program's "extract to" field and the final destination should read "C:\Program Files\Curious Labs\Poser 5" or "C:\Program Files\MetaCreations\Poser 4", or wherever you installed Poser to in the first place. The bottom line is to make sure the line ends with your Poser directory. Make sure you have your extraction program set to use the file structure as it was archived and the files should install themselves right where they need to be. Experienced users will say to make a temp folder (C:\Temp) and install the files there to preview them and then manually move them to their correct subdirectories. This is a great idea if you know what the files are and where they belong - but I don't recommend this to inexperienced users. It's too easy to get confused and put a face file (.fc2) or a pose file (.pz2) in the wrong directory then it just won't work at all.

But the compressed file doesn't have a directory structure, all the files are in one place!

From time to time you'll run across a prop or character where the maker either packaged the files under their name first (BenDover\Runtime\BigPaddle), didn't use a correct directory structure or there's no directory structure at all. Not to fear, you can still put the files where they go manually and they'll generally still work. Read the included readme.txt file, on some occasions the author will tell you where the files should be installed to. If not make a subdirectory under Poser (Poser\temp\) and extract the files there, then you'll have to manually put them in the right place. In the following examples I'll be using myself as the filemaker and preface the final subdirectories with "BDsWhatever" as an example.

The files have specific extensions which are the biggest clue. The Poser file extensions are as follows:
  • .rsr or .png - a library file - this is the thumbnail image of a character, camera, face, prop, etc. (ends up in the appropriate subdirectory depending on the item, ie: myface.fc2 and myface.rsr belong in the Face subdirectory)
  • .pz3 - a scene file - generally this is the whole thing (character or scene, props, textures, etc.) rolled into one big file (ends up somewhere in the Poser subdirectory structure, usually Poser\pz3s\ or something generic like that)
  • .obj - a geometry file - this is the mesh of a particular object (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Geometries\BDsObjs\)
  • .cm2 - a camera file - this is a camera angle or setting file (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Camera\BDsCameras\)
  • .cr2 - a character file - this is usually the final character or hair file after morphs are applied (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Character\BDsChars\)
  • .fc2 - a face file - this is a file that saves expressions or face structures (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Face\BDsFaces\)
  • .hr2 - a hair file - this is a hairstyle or hair model (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Hair\BDsHairs\)
  • .hd2 - a hand file - this is for saving a hand pose for later use (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Hand\BDsHands\)
  • .lt2 - a light setup file - this is a saved lighting setup (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Light\BDsLights\)
  • .pz2 - a pose file - this is a pose/MAT/MOR file - (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\BDsPoses\)
  • .pp2 - a prop file - this is what the prop uses to call an obj file (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Libraries\Props\BDsProps\)
  • .jpg or .bum - a texture file - this is the bump map or texture file for a mesh (ends up in Poser\Runtime\Textures\BDsTextures\)
This is a general list of the file extensions common to both Poser versions. There are differences between Poser4 and Poser5 which would make this a (more) lengthy read but this should be all you need to get a download working.
In the event that you can't figure out how to make an off-site download work, by all means ask in the forum. But do yourself (and other members) a favor and read this, then make some effort to figure it our first.

Good luck and naughty rendering!

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